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GFG offers large trays of your favorite fare, as well as individually boxed meals if that's your thing. We cater private and corporate events.

Contact your local store for a customized catering order, either for pickup or delivery!

All catering orders are subject to a service fee of 10% for pickup and 15% for delivery, all of which goes directly to our staff preparing and delivering your order.

looking for delivery? we

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Greek Salad Tray

Small Tray, 10-15 ppl  $40

Large Tray, 15-25 ppl, $80

Toasted Pita Included


Chicken or Kefte (seasoned ground beef)                     $5.35/pc

Shrimp Kebob        $6.35/pc

10 kebob order minimum

Tzatziki & Pita

$16 per container (16 oz)

Serves up approx 5

Includes toasted pita

Spinach Pie Triangles

a.k.a. Spanakopita

Tray of 25: $35

Tray of 50: $70

Tzatziki/Pita not included

Gyro Station

Let your guests build their own gyro! We provide the pita, toppings, and proteins and your guests do the rest!

Chicken, Falafel, or Lamb: $8.59/serving

Shrimp or Salmon: $10.59/serving

Minimum order 10 servings

Baklava Tray

Walnut, cinnamon, honey mixture baked between layers of buttery phyllo dough. A Greek classic dessert!

Half tray: 15 large or 30 small pieces, $60

Full tray: 30 large or 60 small pieces, $120

Hummus & Pita

$16/container (16 oz). Serves approx 4 people as a side

Includes toasted pita bread

Traditional or any flavored hummus

Rice Pilaf Tray

Small Tray, up to 15 ppl $32

Large Tray, up to 25 ppl $64

Stuffed Grape Leaves

a.k.a. Dolmades

Tray of 25: $32.50

Tray of 50: $65

Tzatziki/pita not included

Falafel Tray

Tray of 25: $32.50

Tray of 50: $65

Tzatziki/pita not included

Individual Meal Boxes

You choose the gyro/pita and your side(s). Pricing varies - please contact us for a custom quote.

Gallon Teas & Lemonade

Full gallons of our fresh brewed sweet or unsweet teas or lemonade. $9

Medium bag of ice +$2

Garlic Naan
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